News 8 november — 12:00

Ministry of Ecology told how Baku is poisoned (Following our article)



On November 7, employees of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources monitored and took air samples due to emissions of thick black smoke by the purification plants of the Baku Oil Refinery, the press-service of the department told Azeri Daily.

During the check, it was found that as a result of the violation of the technological process in the kiln of the catalytic reforming unit No.31 of the third production site of the plant, atmospheric emissions were recorded.

The air samples were sent for analysis, the results of which will cause appropriate decisions.

Recall that yesterday at the disposal of the editors of Azeri Daily there appeared photos and videos with shots of thick black smoke, which was being thrown into the air by the purification plants of the Baku Oil Refinery. The footage took place morning Novemner 7.

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