News 6 december — 10:25

Historical election of Azerbaijani judge to presidency in a Council of Europe commission


On December 4, 2018, elections were held in Strasbourg for the president, vice-president and members of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) of the Council of Europe.

Representatives of 47 CEPEJ member countries took part in the voting. Following the results of this secret ballot, a representative of Azerbaijan was elected president of CEPEJ - Judge Ramin Gurbanov.

It should be noted that during its existence, the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice has become one of the most authoritative bodies of the Council of Europe in the field of justice. The main task of the Commission is to improve the judicial systems, the prosecutor's office, the legal profession and the justice system in the Council of Europe member states in order to implement Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights 'Right to a fair trial' and unload the European Court of Human Rights.

At various times, presidents of CEPEJ were representatives of exclusively Western European countries: Germany (Eberhard Desch), Italy (Fausto de Santis), Great Britain (John Stacey), Austria (Georg Stava). For the first time, a representative of Azerbaijan headed such a significant organ of the Council of Europe.

Ramin Gurbanov has been suitably representing the country in CEPEJ for 13 years, went a long way from representative to vice-president of the Commission, which was helped by his professional and personal qualities (he was educated in the best educational institutions of Azerbaijan and Russia, speaks Russian, English, German and French).

The historical fact of the election of our compatriot to such a high post is recognition at the world level of Azerbaijan’s achievements both in strengthening and developing the rule of law in general and in reforming the judicial system in the past few years, in particular, which, undoubtedly, is facilitated by effective foreign policy and wisdom of the country's leadership.

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