News 11 january — 12:34

Excise tax on import of cigarettes increased in Azerbaijan


In Azerbaijan, the excise tax on imports of cigarettes and other tobacco products has been raised by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, the press-service of the Cabinet informs.

Thus, the excise tax on cigarette imports increased from 10 to 28 manats for one thousand pieces, the excise tax on imports of cigarillos increased from 10 to 20 manat for one thousand pieces. The excise tax on the import of cigars will now be one manat per unit (previously ten manats per one thousand pieces).

Excise rates also increased for the import of cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos with a tobacco substitute.

An excise tax on the import of liquid for electronic cigarettes has also been introduced - it will be 20 manats per litre.

The decision takes effect 30 days after publication.

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