News 9 february — 12:41

Azerbaijani businessman died in Russian prison (10 days before release)



A Russian citizen of Azerbaijani ethnicity, 59-year-old entrepreneur Shahin Safarov died in prison from acute heart failure 10 days before his release, our own correspondent reports.

According to the information, since the 1990s Shahin Safarov has been engaged in business in the Russian Khanty-Mansiysk, where he was the owner of a factory for sewing working and special clothes. He also worked in the building materials business.

In 2007, Shahin Safarov was detained in Kazakhstan on smuggling charges. The same year, a Russian court sentenced him to 12 years in prison. A businessman was serving a sentence in one of the correctional institutions of Barnaul.

After serving almost the entire sentence, Shahin Safarov was preparing to be released, but he died from a heart attack 10 days before his release.

The body of the deceased was delivered to Azerbaijan. He was buried in his native Salyan district.

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