News 11 february — 18:30

UK unveils plan to send new aircraft carrier to Pacific


The HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s largest warship, is slated to head to the Pacific region, U.K. Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson said Monday, BBC reports.

Deployment of the new aircraft carrier, which is likely to take place in 2021, will also include two squadrons of F-35 stealth jets to "stand up to those who flout international law".

Speaking at the Royal United Services Institute in London, Williamson said the U.K. also planned to open bases in Asia and the Caribbean region.

He said recent actions by China and Russia had "blurred" the boundary between peace and war, warning that the U.K. "may need to intervene".

“The price of non-intervention in global crises has often been unacceptably high,” he said. “To talk, but fail to act, risks our nation being seen as little more than a paper tiger.”

Stressing that the U.K. now had “its greatest opportunity in 50 years to redefine its role”, the defense secretary said that, as the U.K. braces to leave the EU, “it is up to us to seize the opportunities that Brexit brings”.

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