News 14 march — 14:18

A year after Marielle Franco's murder, violence still haunts Rio


 It took nearly a year for Brazilian police to make an arrest in the murder of black activist and Rio de Janeiro councilwoman Marielle Franco, Al Jazeera reports.

Police said on Tuesday they had arrested two former police officers over the murders of Franco and her driver, Anderson Gomes. 

According to investigators, the two former officers drove up beside the vehicle where Franco, Gomes and the councilwoman's press secretary were waiting on March 14, 2018, and shot Franco and Gomes dead.

Franco, who was a lesbian, regularly denounced police brutality, especially in the favelas where she was raised. She also called for the rights of women and the LGBT community.

In announcing the arrests, prosecutors agreed with the family's suspicions that Franco's murder was politically motivated.

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