News 15 march — 12:37

Albanian President talking to Azeri Daily: 'European Union doesn't even hint at Islam'



Albanian President Ilir Meta, who is in Baku to participate in the VII Global Forum, in an interview with Azeri Daily expressed his attitude to the current opinion that the European Union is a Christian club.

Note that the majority of the population of Albania professes Islam. In April 2009, the country officially appealed to the European Union with a request to be admitted to membership in this supranational organisation. In 2014, it received the status of an official candidate for EU membership.

As Ilir Meta noted, Albania is a multi-confessional country, and so far in negotiations with the European Union there has not even been a hint that Albania is a Muslim country.

'We are successfully negotiating with the European Union to join this organisation, solving all problems at the negotiating table, and the religious issue has never been raised at our meetings by the EU. Europe itself promotes the ideas of tolerance and multiculturalism. I do not think that the current opinion is true,' said the Albanian leader.

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