News 13 april — 15:08

Russian S-400 could not detect Israeli fighters


Tonight, Israel launched another series of air strikes across Syria. Despite the fact that several missiles were intercepted by Syrian air defences, Russian S-400 systems have already been called 'absolutely useless' by Israeli media, according to the portal.

According to Israeli media, the strike on Syrian territory was made around two in the morning, while, despite the integration of Russian air defence systems with Syria's air defence systems, the S-400 radar systems could not detect Israeli fighters or missiles fired at Masyaf.

The media claim that with such a large target detection range, as with the S-400 systems, they would certainly have found Israeli planes and missiles, especially since the S-400 Triumph division is located only a few dozen kilometres from Masyaf, but only managed to intercept several rockets.

Syrian media have also confirmed that only a few Israeli missiles were intercepted, with the result that there were serious damage, injured and dead.

According to preliminary data, the Syrian S-300 Favourite was also not involved in repelling the Israeli attack.

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