News 15 april — 12:33

Luca Schieppati: Without Azerbaijani gas Italy would depend on Germany


Without the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), Italy would be 50 per cent dependent on gas imports through Germany. According to Trend Agency, TAP Managing Director Luca Schieppati said this.

The managing director noted that source diversification is vital, and TAP can be of great help in this sense.

'If it were not for TAP, Italy would be more than 50 per cent dependent on imports through Germany, which would increase transportation costs,' said Schieppati.

He also noted that the largest volume of natural gas consumption in Europe falls on Italy: 36 per cent of energy consumption and 44 per cent of electricity production fall on methane. About 82 per cent of households use gas for heating and cooking, TAP's managing director added.

'Gas demand in Europe is growing as it is linked to the obligation to reduce the use of coal and nuclear energy and to ensure the transition to large-scale use of renewable energy,' added Schieppati.

Note that TAP worth 4.5 billion euros is part of the Southern Gas Corridor project. It is expected that the construction of TAP will be completed in 2020 so that in the same year, the first Azerbaijani gas will flow to Europe.

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