News 12 june — 15:55

France completely breaks off with Karabakh separatists (Another verdict)



After the decision of the administrative court in French Cergy-Pontoise on the annulment of the so-called 'Declaration of Friendship' between the municipality of Arnouville and the separatist Martuni (Khojavend –Ed) district in the occupied Karabakh, the Grenoble administrative court made similar decision.

According to the publication 'Nouvelles Armenie,' in particular, the administrative court of Grenoble decided to abolish four more 'charters of friendship' signed by representatives of the puppet occupation regime in Nagorno-Karabakh with communes in France.

As Azeri Daily wrote earlier, the mayor of Arnouville city was found guilty of exceeding official authority and violating the laws governing decentralised cooperation.

The arguments given by the administrative court in Grenoble are almost identical: such charters are contrary to French foreign policy and have no power.

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