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Ruslan Khasbulatov: 'Armenia struck genuine blow by launching war against Azerbaijan' (Fair recognition)



'We don't want to understand one thing: a truly mortal blow to the Soviet Union was dealt by Armenia, which started a war with Azerbaijan.' Such a statement in an interview with Delovaya Gazeta Tatarstan was made by the former Speaker of the Russian Supreme Soviet, Professor Ruslan Khasbulatov.

It should be noted that yesterday Russia celebrated the Russia Day established in memory of the adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty by the RSFSR on June 12, 1990. Many believe that this document was the true reason for the collapse of the USSR. However, Ruslan Khasbulatov categorically disagrees.

'The declaration was developed in the context of all the policies of that time. However, the propaganda effect of it turned out to be much more than its content side. And in the public consciousness (including among democrats), this was perceived as Russia's intention to split off from the rest of the country. Everywhere they began to proclaim their sovereignty. Inertia has reached autonomies and regions,' he said.

Answering the question whether the collapse of the USSR was connected with the withdrawal of the Baltic states, Professor Khasbulatov noted that events were developing in a different way.

'The Baltic States had not moved away yet. They really separated after the Armenian events. Unfortunately, we don’t want to understand one thing: Armenia delivered a truly mortal blow to the Soviet Union by starting a war with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh, which it could not claim (at least in this form of armed actions). The Transcaucasian front collapsed: the majority sided with Armenia, others supported Baku. In this situation, the Union centre showed absolute, impossible tolerance towards the conflicting parties: where it was necessary to simply bring order to it. Very tough and with the use of firearms,' he said.

According to Khasbulatov, no peace reigned after the Karabakh conflict.

'On the contrary, after these events, the Baltic states realised that they could act without looking back at Moscow. After all, how did the Baltic politicians and activists behave before? Remember, at the All-Union Congress, their leaders exclaimed: 'Give us economic reforms! And we ourselves know our capabilities!' That is, there was no question of any political goals. Not a single word! But after the Armenians blew up the situation in the Caucasus, the Balts said to themselves: 'Gorbachev is a chatterbox, a wimp, he will not do anything to us!' That's where it all began! Then Zviad Gamsakhurdia came, Tbilisi events happened,' he noted.

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