News 13 june — 16:54

Security Service arrested journalist for treason



The State Security Service (SSS) of Azerbaijan detained the founder and chief editor of and sites, Polad Aslanov (b. 1989), on charges of high treason, the Public Relations Centre of the SSS told Azeri Daily.

During the operational-investigative measures, it was established that Polad Aslanov held secret meetings outside the borders of Azerbaijan with employees of foreign special services, signed bills for receiving money and was engaged in secret cooperation on conditions of regular cash payments.

On instructions from foreign intelligence services, he forwarded the collected information to them for use in order to undermine state security and damage the country's defence capability. Polad Aslanov agreed to disseminate articles in the media and social networks aimed against the state, the authority of law enforcement agencies and their legitimate activities.

Aslanov also introduced some journalists (the names were not disclosed in the interests of the investigation) to the staff of foreign special services with a view to their future cooperation.

During the investigation, numerous materials on the cooperation of Polad Aslanov with representatives of foreign special services, directed against the interests of the state security of Azerbaijan, were extracted. Aslanov himself spoke in detail about his criminal activities.

A criminal case was initiated against Polad Aslanov under Article 274 (high treason), and he was made accountable.

Currently, operational investigative measures on the the case continue.

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