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Atlas Centre: 'Azerbaijan too can get S-400'



Russian S-400 missile systems are already in Turkey. And this is not an ordinary event. As noted in the analytical presentation of the Atlas Centre received by Azeri Daily editorial office, this primarily means the transition of Russian-Turkish relations to a new, higher level.

Experts of the centre remind that during the years of the Cold War, Turkey was a strategic ally of the United States. However, after the collapse of the USSR, new conditions emerged in the region, and Turkey’s dependence on the United States weakened dramatically. Immediately after that, Ankara began to develop closer relations with Moscow. And today, if we analyse the history of Russian-Turkish relations over the past 15 years, it is possible to unequivocally state that they qualitatively surpass the American-Turkish ones. This is due, in particular, to the erroneous policy of Washington towards Ankara.

S-400 are already in Turkey

Atlas notes that the S-400 complex will strengthen Turkey's security and political weight. In addition, on the basis of Russian technologies, Turkey will be able to begin production of its own anti-aircraft missile systems.

An important positive factor for Turkey is the fact that it will repay the S-400 cost through a loan obtained from the same Russia. While none of these conditions were proposed to Turkey by the Americans. It was not by chance that at the last G-7 summit, US President Donald Trump attacked his predecessor Barack Obama with harsh criticism. The fact is that Obama promised Turkey to sell the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system, but he did not keep his words. So today, even among Trump's circle, many believe that Turkey's position on the issue of buying the S-400 is absolutely fair.

However, after receiving the S-400 systems, Turkey should be prepared to increased pressure on it from the United States. Apparently, Trump would not want to further aggravate relations with Turkey, but the Congress and the Pentagon will try to punish Turkey for its firm reluctance to abandon the S-400 air defence system.

True, according to Atlas, over time, the Americans will be forced to accept the presence Russian missiles in Turkey. A process of normalisation of relations between the two countries will follow. After all, having acquired the S-400, Turkey does not at all refuse to purchase US military equipment. Moreover, Ankara does not hide the desire to get American weapons. And to deny this to it is not at all in the interests of Washington, which does not want to lose the Turkish market. Otherwise, Ankara can buy similar weapons and equipment from the same Moscow.

Naturally, the agreement with Ankara on the supply of missile systems is very good for Moscow. Russia was able to sell its modern missile systems to one of the most important members of NATO, and this will significantly strengthen its position in the global arms market. It is not by chance that after Turkey, India has already expressed a desire to buy the S-400 air defence system.

And finally, the fifth factor is connected with Azerbaijan. Increasing Turkey's defence potential will undoubtedly serve the interests of its ally, Azerbaijan. And if in the future, Turkey will be able to produce S-400 systems by itself, then it will also share its product with Azerbaijan, which, naturally, will increase its defence capabilities. On the other hand, it can be predicted that the growing military cooperation between Russia and Turkey will have a positive impact on the processes in the South Caucasus. Russia, whether it wants to or not, should take into account the interests of Turkey in the South Caucasus. And if military cooperation between Ankara and Baku will be raised to a higher level, then it will be difficult for Moscow to object to this.

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