News 14 august — 17:12

Azerbaijan's victory at stage of Sea Cup-2019 (Photo)


During the 'Sea Cup-2019' contest, the crews of the warships of Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Iran fulfilled the exercise 'Conducting Artillery Firing at an Air Target'.

As informs the press-service of the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry, at this stage, the teams were instructed to destroy the air target by artillery firing after the aircraft of imaginary enemy dropped an aerial bomb on the ship.

The International Board of Referees assessed the timely arrival of ships and the destruction of an air target.

As a result of this stage, the Azerbaijani team with 38 points took the first place, the Russian team with 19 points – the second place, the Iran team with 16 points – the third place, the Kazakhstan team with 12 points – fourth place.

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