News 22 august — 11:43

Causes of plane crash: Wounded pilot lost control (Defence Ministry statement)


Specialists have analysed the data from the flight recorder (black box) and other technical documents from the MiG-29 plane that crashed during a training flight on July 24, the press-service of the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan informs.

As the statement of the Ministry of Defence syas, according to the final conclusion of the commission created by order of the Azerbaijani minister of defence, the plane involved in training flights was in good condition until the crash.

'A study of the causes of the incident also showed that the plane collided with a foreign body (bird or flock of birds) before falling into the Caspian Sea, and the pilot was injured.

According to the information received from the black box, the pilot tried to regain control of the aircraft to prevent a crash. However, severe injuries made this impossible and ultimately led to the crash of the aircraft.

Some media outlets unreasonably claimed that there were no specialists or equipment in the country to read data from the flight recorder.

We declare that after each flight, data from flight recorders is studied by professional aviation specialists in special laboratories, these data are analysed, flight information is determined and, as a result, conclusions are drawn on how the military pilot completed his mission and what is the technical condition of the aircraft,' says the statement.

Recall that on July 24 at 22:00 local time during a planned training flight, the connection with the multi-purpose fighter of the Azerbaijani Air Force MiG-29 was interrupted. The plane crashed in the Caspian territorial waters of Azerbaijan.

The aircraft was piloted by Lieutenant-Colonel Rashad Atakishiev.

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