News 12 september — 14:11

Russian deputy PM talks about Azerbaijan joining CSTO


Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov does not rule out the possibility of Azerbaijan obtaining observer status in the CSTO, Interfax reports.

'This applies not only to Azerbaijan. The CSTO will always welcome cooperation with all the former republics of the USSR. Once we were all one family,' Borisov said, answering the question whether Azerbaijan was considering the status of an observer or CSTO partner.

Yuri Borisov

'We have a lot in common. This also applies to a certain balance, let's say, of the military forces of all the former republics. We are pursuing a very balanced and thoughtful policy regarding military-technical cooperation with all CSTO countries and Azerbaijan, in particular,' he noted.

According to Borisov, Russia is not interested in stirring up the Karabakh conflict, but will help to bring the conflict to naught.

'And you know the role that Russia and our president play, in particular. Decisions in the CSTO are taken collectively. After discussions, if the Organisation decides the need for such a decision, it will be made in accordance with the charter, regulations and rules of the Organisation,' Borisov said.

On Thursday, a meeting of the CSTO interstate commission on military-economic cooperation was held in Yerevan.

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