News 10 october — 13:59

Macron wants world leaders to raise €12 billion to fight pandemics


French President Emmanuel Macron has pointed the finger at several countries for not pledging enough funds for the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, Euronews reports.

In a speech at the 6th Replenishment Investment Conference, organised by the Global Fund Forum in Lyon Macron called specifically on Japan, Norway, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to “make more of an effort” in increasing their contributions for the fight against the three deadly diseases.

In an energised speech, Macron said he “wouldn’t let anyone leave Lyon until 12 billion is raised,” also calling on the private sector to increase their donations.

“The pressure will be to the maximum!” he said.

The Global Fund Forum aims to save 16 million lives within the next four years as well as averting 234 million infections worldwide.

It hopes to do this by raising €12 billion from international governments, companies and individual donors.

The president said that France and all the countries of the G7 except Japan had pledged to increase their donations by 15%, adding that his country would be making a contribution of a billion and a half dollars for the next three year period.

“Japan, I believe in surprises. A first effort was made but I know you can make more of an effort to reach a 15% increase,” Macron said putting pressure on the only G7 member that did not come through.

Macron personally thanked the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Irish singer-songwriter Bono and his One Campaign for donating and raising enough funds.

“Harass the countries I mentioned [...] we have no choice. Too many children are waiting to have a normal life, and simply live,” said Macron.

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