News 6 november — 14:15

Lawyers of Azerbaijan and Turkey jointly addressed Donald Trump


Lawyers and advocates (attorneys) of Azerbaijani and Turkish jurisdiction addressed the US President, Donald Trump and the US Congress, and created a petition for the expression of their deepest concern and grievances with the fact of passing  of the resolution “H.Res 296” on official recognition of so-called “Armenian genocide” by the  House of Representatives of United States 116th Congress.

Authors of the petition consider that US lawmakers’ decision fed from the “grudge” they have held over Turkey’s lawful and fair military operations in Syria. This resolution creates negative connotations of the US within the public of Turkey and Azerbaijan.

The authors also express deepest concerns on fact of issuing of visa by the US State Department to the agents of rouge regime of puppet state of Nagorno Karabakh for fulfilment of their aims of traveling from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan to the United States; such actions are undermining the process for the settlement of Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. Allowing occasions of such visits contradicts the commitments of the USA under the mandate of the co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group, as well as the principles of respecting the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of internationally recognized borders of states.

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