News 9 november — 16:40

University building on fire amidst protests in Chile's capital — media


A fire has broken out in the building of the Pedro de Valvidia University in Chile's capital Santiago as protests continue in the country, 24 horas TV channel reported on Friday.

Footage shown by 24 horas indicates that the whole building of the university is on fire. Firefighters are working on the scene. They say that the building was set on fire.

The Pedro de Valvidia Universiry is located near the Baquedano Plaza, where several thousand of people are protesting against inequality and the incumbent government's policies. Clashes between demonstrators and police were reported.

Protests started in Santiago in mid-October after subway ticket prices rose by 30 pesos. Demonstrations later spread to other parts of the country and turned into clashes with police. According to official reports, over 20 people were killed in clashes.

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