News 14 january — 16:27

Belarus wants to buy oil from Azerbaijan


Belarus sent proposals for the purchase of oil to Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Poland and the Baltic countries. This was stated by First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Krutoy following a meeting with the president of the country, TASS reports.

'The government continues to work out a scheme for alternative oil supplies, all possible options are being studied. We sent out appropriate commercial offers. All commercial services of our plants, the Belarusian Oil Company are in negotiations almost daily,' he said, adding that Minsk is counting on the nearest prospect of finding an alternative to existing routes.

In addition to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, Belarus is also exploring the possibility of buying oil in Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states. 'We are now dealing with this issue,' Dmitry Krutoy assured.

Krutoy also said that Belarus considers it economically inexpedient to pay Russian oil companies a premium to the price of oil in the same amount.

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