News 15 january — 18:00

Russian government resigns


The Russian government has resigned, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced, TASS informs.

President Vladimir Putin thanked Dmitry Medvedev’s government for its work. "For my part, I also want to thank you for everything that was done at this stage of our joint work, I want to express satisfaction with the results that have been achieved," the president told a meeting with the cabinet of ministers.

"Not everything was done, but everything never works out in full," Putin said.

The Russian leader noted that soon he planned to meet with all ministers of Medvedev’s government. "I will meet with each of you," Putin assured.

The prime minister believes that it is right that the current government should step down in the wake of the presidential proposals to amend the constitution.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed Dmitry Medvedev’s outgoing government to perform its duties until a new Cabinet is formed.

"I ask you to fully perform your duties until the new government is formed," Putin said at a meeting with the Cabinet.

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