News 26 march — 20:13

Ministry of Justice on early release of prisoners



In order to prevent a global pandemic in our country, in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation and the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Justice continues to take urgent preventive measures, including sanitary and disinfection work, informs the press-service of the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan.

The penitentiary and medical services of the Ministry have been transferred to an enhanced work schedule; meetings with relatives and friends, as well as the acceptance of transfers for convicted and accused persons, have been limited. The health status of all prisoners, as well as prison staff, is constantly monitored, daily medical examination and thermometry are carried out. Currently, their health is normal, no serious diseases have been identified.

The situation in this area is regularly studied by a monitoring group consisting of senior officials of the relevant services of the ministry and representatives of civil society. Daily monitoring of the nutrition of convicted and detained persons, their food supply, variety and quality of food is carried out.

At the same time, as a manifestation of the humane policy of our state, the use of the institution of parole and transfer of convicts to institutions with a lighter regime of detention (settlement colony) is in the spotlight. A special commission of the ministry created for these purposes continued its activity even on holidays. Personal files were studied, conversations with prisoners were held during meetings held using a video conference in virtual mode. Materials about persons meeting the requirements of the law were immediately transferred to the court.

In order to protect the rights of those convicted by duty judges, these cases were examined urgently and 200 prisoners were released.

The application of such a humane act was perceived with a sense of great joy and appreciation to the state by prisoners who reunited with their families on holidays and their loved ones. The Ministry of Justice continues to take measures in this direction.

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