News 29 june — 18:52

Landmine planted by Daesh injures 2 children in N. Syria


Two children suffered injuries on Monday due to the explosion of a landmine planted by the Daesh/ISIS terror group in northern Syria, Anadolu Agency reports.

The explosion took place in the Al-Sukkariyah district in the Syrian city of Al-Bab.

In February 2017, Turkish troops and the Syrian National Army (SNA) liberated Al-Bab from the Daesh terrorist group as part of Turkey's Operation Euphrates Shield.

The operation, which began in August of 2016 and ended in March 2017, was carried out with the aim of eliminating the terrorist presence along the Turkish border.

Daesh terror group had planted landmines in the area to prevent the progress of the Turkish Armed Forces and the SNA.

Although mine research activities were carried out in the liberated areas, the planted mines still cause damage to many civilians.

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