News 21 november — 14:13

Military equipment of Armenian army transported to Baku by trains (Photo)



The military equipment of the Armenian army captured during the Second Karabakh War as trophies is transported to Baku by trains. As reported by Azeri Daily, photos of trains with captured equipment are spread in social networks.

The footage shows T-72 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, artillery pieces and other equipment placed on railway platforms.

'For 44 days of fighting, the Azerbaijani Army captured over 500 units of enemy equipment as trophies,' the author of the photo writes.

In one of his speeches, the President of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev said that the captured enemy equipment would be shown at one of the sites in the vicinity of Baku.

It should be reminded that in the course of combat operations our army repainted part of the enemy's military equipment, including tanks, taken as trophies, in the colours of the equipment of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan and used it in battles.

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