News 20 february — 12:35

Lavrov: Azerbaijan does not stand for Turan, but strengthens its national state


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov does not believe that Turkey is pursuing the goal of creating a Great Turan, he also does not think that the countries that were part of the USSR could support this idea. The Russian minister said this in an interview with RBC TV.

'If we talk about the Great Turan as a supranational entity in the historical sense, I don’t think that Turkey is pursuing such a goal. I don’t see how in reality the countries that were part of the USSR and became independent states can support this idea in some form,' said Lavrov.

On the contrary, in his words, 'the essence of the foreign policy of such countries as Azerbaijan, in the event that the Turkish authorities support Great Turan, is to strengthen their national states.'

He noted that Turkey has its own interests, these include 'compatriots who speak the same language.'

Lavrov also explained the connection between Turkey and a number of Central Asian countries.

'Several of our republics are interested in contacts. There they promote specific projects. There is TURKSOY - an international organisation of Turkic culture. There is also such a structure as the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking states. All of them have been functioning for a long time. They have their own plans, events are held,' said the minister.

Basically, according to him, this happens through cultural, linguistic and educational traditions.

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