News 8 april — 17:05

Detectives in search of Mubariz Mansimov's real estate in Turkey



Detectives will be sent to Turkey search for real estate of Palmali LLC declared bankrupt in Russia. As reported by Azeri Daily, this is stated on the website of the Unified Federal Register of Bankruptcy Information.

According to the report, the services of detectives will be paid for from funds received from the property of Palmali LLC, sold at the auction, and each legal entity or individual will receive no more than $4,000 per month for this service.

Detectives must find the property of 19 companies owned by the owner of Palmali Holding Company Mubariz Mansimov. Palmali LLC, operating in Rostov, is a subsidiary of this company and in 2018 it was declared bankrupt at the suit of Sberbank. The company's property in Russia, including tankers, was confiscated for debts. Palmali LLC carried out the transportation of oil and other liquid cargoes by tankers along the rivers in the territory of Russia.

Mubariz Mansimov was arrested in Turkey on charges of having links with the terrorist organization FETÖ. A court recently found him partially guilty of the charges. Following the results of the court session, Mubariz Mansimov was released from custody under house arrest. His company is in a state of bankruptcy, his ships are under arrest in various ports, and the crews of his ships cannot receive salaries for a long time.

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