News 23 july — 13:43

Lavrov: Our neighbours are presented with a choice - West or Russia


The West wants to undermine the situation around Russia, including with the help of fakes, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, reports TASS.

'They are trying to form a belt of instability around us, forcing our closest neighbours, fraternal peoples to make a choice - either you are with the West, or you are with the Russian Federation,' he said at the webinar 'Foreign policy conditions in which the campaign for the election of deputies of the State Duma is taking place.'

They are trying to develop Russia and the territories around it in a military and economic way, the diplomat added.

'They want to surround us with a cordon sanitaire, and even to derive some benefit from the fact that the West will exert a decisive influence on the development of our neighbouring countries,' the minister describes the situation.

Lavrov emphasised that this line of the West has clearly manifested itself in Ukraine, and in recent months, the methods of colour revolutions have been tried to roll in Belarus. Also, according to him, the US and EU countries launched a geopolitical struggle for Moldova, not disdaining open propaganda during the election campaign.

'Well, now our Western colleagues are trying to expand their presence, including military, along the perimeter of our borders, including Central Asia and the Transcaucasia,' concluded the FM.

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