News 22 september — 15:43

British reported hacker attacks on Azerbaijani officials



British information security company Cyjax has discovered a large-scale cyberattack against government officials in Azerbaijan, Russia and other neighbouring states. This is stated in the company's report.

Among the Russian structures subjected to the phishing attack were the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), the mail service and unnamed officials. Employees of government agencies from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Turkmenistan and other countries also suffered.

Attackers create sites that mimic email logins and receive usernames and passwords from accounts. In the future, they can attack departments or sell access to the shadow market.

Cyjax experts said that such sites began to appear in the spring of 2020, now there are about 50 of them. Currently, 15 of them are active, they imitate portals 'for entering e-mail for employees of the ministries of foreign affairs, finance or energy of various countries.'

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