News 23 september — 09:43

Bayraktar spoke about new unique attack drone... and reminded about Karabakh


New Turkish attack unmanned aerial vehicle Bayraktar TB3 will make its first flight in 2022.

This was announced by the technical director of Baykar Technologies, the chairman of the board of trustees of the T3 Foundation, Selcuk Bayraktar, speaking on Wednesday with a report at the Take Off International Summit of Initiatives, organised within the framework of the third TEKNOFEST Festival of Aviation, Space and Technology in Istanbul.

Selcuk Bayraktar also recalled the wide response received by Turkish drones used in the operations to liberate the occupied lands of Azerbaijan.

'Our unmanned aircraft have forced many to rethink the military concept. Hopefully Bayraktar TB3 will make its maiden flight in 2022. And by 2023 we are planning to implement a project of an unmanned military aircraft,' said Bayraktar.

Bayraktar spoke about unmanned aerial systems developed by Baykar Technologies, as well as projects that are planned to be implemented in the coming years. 'Looking into the future, we can see the Bayraktar TB3 concept. This satellite-controlled UAV covers a distance of thousands of kilometres. We are talking about an attack drone, which is slightly larger in size than Bayraktar TB2 and inferior to the Akıncı UAV. The drone is distinguished by its ability to take off and land on ships with a short runway, which is not found in many analogues in the world,' said Bayraktar.

According to him, Baykar Technologies is also developing an unmanned military aircraft and the eyes of the whole world are riveted on this project. 'Turkey's new unmanned military aircraft will revolutionise the military. The new aircraft, like the Bayraktar TB3, will be able to use short runways,' said Bayraktar.

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