Azerbaijani Politics 11 january — 10:35

Ilham Aliyev to Azerbaijani experts: 'You can't divide two donkeys' oats'


Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, speaking at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, criticised some non-governmental organisations, rating agencies and local economic experts, reports Azerbaijan State News Agency.

'There are some non-governmental organisations that are trying to tarnish our activities. We know where they are financed from. Anti-Azerbaijani campaign that they have been carrying out for many years, don't give any results. One shouldn't even pay attention to the rankings drawn up by them,' said the head of state.

Ilham Aliyev in his speech also spoke about some local experts, who criticise the government's economic policy.

'At the same time a variety of statements are being made by some local representatives who call themselves great economists. These are absolutely crazy ideas. We have a nice proverb: 'Those who can't divide the two donkeys' oats are going to teach us!' Don't pay attention to all this. The most important thing is our successful development, evaluation of leading international economic structures and our reality. And the reality is that we have come out of the crisis in 2016 with dignity and more than 100 thousand jobs have been created in the country,' said the head of state.

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