Azerbaijani Politics 12 january — 11:35

Ilham Aliyev praised Vasif Talibov


President Ilham Aliyev, while on a visit to the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, praised the work of the republic's leadership.

In his speech at a meeting with representatives of the public, Ilham Aliyev called Nakhchivan a model republic: 'Central hospitals in all cities and districts have been rebuilt here. Maternity hospital, diagnostic centre, republican hospital in the city of Nakhchivan: all these facilities meet the highest standards, have the most modern equipment.'

'Nakhchivan grows prettier, is improving, and I am very pleased with that. I am confident that it pleases you too. Buildings are being repaired, beautiful new houses are being built, broad avenues are being laid. Constructive work, improvements show, on the one hand, the power of our country, and, on the other, effective work of Nakhchivan's leadership. All this work is done with great love, tastefully and carefully,' said the head of state.

The head of state noted that Nakhchivan is distinguished by its beauty on a global scale: 'Of course, the ancient and rich history of Nakhchivan is our national heritage. Nakchivan is an ancient land, the ancient land of Azerbaijan. Historical monuments testifying to our ancient history are protected here. They show that the Azerbaijani people for centuries lived and worked in this region. It is our great national treasure.'

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