Azerbaijani Politics 19 may — 17:05

Madat Quliyev about exposing espionage network in the army


'The Prosecutor General's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service circulated a statement about the exposure of a spy network. Inside Azerbaijan there is no danger, the people support the president. Our president relies on the people who love him. But Azerbaijan is in the circle of interests of many states and political forces and, of course, faces threats from outside.' As reports APA Agency, this has been stated by the Chief of the State Security Service, Lieutenant-General Madat Quliyev commenting on the exposure of the espionage network in the army.

Madat Quliyev noted that Azerbaijan is located in a dangerous region, at the junction of the West and the East.

'Naturally, Azerbaijan faces many threats. But I must emphasise that these threats were identified by the Ministry of Defence itself. The investigation team is already working.

Mr President gave appropriate instructions to Prosecutor General Zakir Qaralov; the investigation team is holding the investigatiion.

However, these people were engaged in espionage activities not for a day or two. This treacherous network took root in 1988-1990. As a result of the correct execution by the leadership of the Ministry of Defence of the president's orders it has been possible to expose this treachery. The investigation will give its assessment of this issue,' said the head of the SSS.

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