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Ali Karimli follows in footsteps of oligarchic officials: 'Millions for family's luxurious life!'



An activist of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA), driver of Ali Karimli Pasha Umudov, intending to go to Moscow, at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport accidentally met members of the family of the leader of his party Ali Karimli, who was waiting with his family for a flight to London. The family idyll of the opposition leader outraged Pasha Umudov, and he took several photos, then published them in different media. In particular, these photos caused a storm of resentment in one of the formerly zealous supporters of Ali Karimli, ex-political prisoner Ruslan Bashirli.

Ruslan Bashirli served 7 years in prison for the cause of the revolution

Ruslan Bashirli spent about 7 years in prison for the cause of the 'orange revolution.' And how difficult was for the sufferer one day to realize the poverty of the philosophy of the struggle of his leader: the "orange" ideals were thrown for the sake of Ali Karimli's well-being.

So, the former politician was indignant at the photos, spread by another PFPA member. Villas, trips to London, gold of the party, diamonds of his passion and spouse, oxfords of descendants... Where did all this come from? Bashirli and Pasha were indignant, realizing the seditious truth: a personal victory on the blood of the defeat of the color revolution.

But back to the last photo, replicated first by Pasha Umudov, and then by Ruslan Bashirli. The disappointed revolutionaries accompanied the photos with the sharp criticism of Karimli, who, like some oligarch, together with all his children and household lives in the capital of Britain in opulence, on God knows what income. Ordinary Popular Front member Umudov raised in his organization a real riot against the fallen leader.

Pasha Umudov at the wheel of Ali Karimli's car

"For many years I was a devoted member of the PFPA, unquestioningly carrying out all the orders of its leaders, but the latest events in our party organization make me and my comrades recognize that Ali Karimli is a real intriguer, dodger and moneymaker.

The PFPA is now having a difficult time: several activists are arrested, their families are experiencing serious financial difficulties. Ordinary members of the party, sometimes depriving their children, regularly pay party fees. And our leaders are showing off. Seeing this, we begin to be disappointed in our movement.

For me, the last straw was an unexpected meeting at the airport. Probably there would not be this letter if I did not see the family of Karimli going to London. As a testimony to the fact that I'm telling the truth, there are the photos I made," wrote Pasha Umudov.

"Until recently, members of our party believed Ali Karimli, they considered him almost a saint. But the rhetoric that has been repeating for 20 years ("This regime must leave", "We almost came to power"), the arrest of the guards of the party in the person of Seymur Hazi, Asif Yusifli, Fuad Gahramanli, Faig Amirli, Gezal Bayramli and others, and how Ali Karimli, instead of real help, on holidays transfers to the families of convicted activists 300 manats made us see the truth. In fact, everything in the party is aimed at one goal - to provide a luxurious lifestyle for Ali Karimli and his family," the oppositionist said.

Pasha Umudov writes that the importance of Ali Karimli as the leader of the party is greatly exaggerated, in fact, recently he only occasionally sends 300 manats to the families of the arrested and conducts poorly organized protests. And all his political activities in recent years has been reduced, in fact, to blogging. Instead of bringing tens of thousands (as the leader himself claims) supporters of the PFPA to the streets demanding the release of all those arrested and the change of power in the country, he collects his activists in some secluded place or in a base institution, and then publishes a photo of these "political prisoners" in social networks.

Ali Karimli's wife spends tens of thousands of pounds a year on flights to London

"One wonders, if Karimli himself was arrested, what would his associates Gahramanli, Amirli, Bayramli and others do? Would they try to protect, to rescue him from prison with the same methods? Would they also have had fun with their families in London and other foreign cities, while Karimli was behind bars?" Umudov asks with pain in the heart.

In the party, it is clear to everyone, the activist writes, that Karimli has long lost the hope to come to power in the country, but he continues to feed his associates with ancient Greek myths.

"Karimli, in fact, appropriated the brand of the legendary Popular Front and uses the party as a business platform. If it was not so, could he send his wife several years ago to give birth in London? Someone will say, so what, who is forbidden to send one's wife to a prestigious clinic? In my opinion, the logic is simple: a man who connects his hopes with Azerbaijan will not send his wife to give birth in London for the sole purpose of having his child acquire the natural right to obtain a UK passport. Our leader wants us, like the entire Azerbaijani people, to believe in the slogan that he declares for twenty years: "We will come to power," while he himself has long lost hope for success. Otherwise, why does he provide his son with British citizenship? As insurance against all surprises?" Umudov is perplexed.

The PFPA activist even calculated the amount that is spent on the education of Ali Karimli's children. Both children of the opposition leader studied at the Baku Oxford School for 11 years, where the annual payment exceeds 11,000 manats, so only in Baku their education expenses amounted to 242,000 manats.

Then the leader's children continued their education in the UK - in the most expensive and prestigious universities in the world.

"One year of studying even in not the most prestigious British university exceeds 15 thousand pounds sterling, which is 33 thousand manats at the current rate. For five years of his children studying in London, Ali Karimli spent 150 thousand pounds (332,000 manats). About the same was spent on renting an apartment and living expenses. And this is without the costs for regular air travel, leisure, rest during the holidays, trips to restaurants and so on. So only the most obvious expenses of businessman Ali Karimli for the education of his children over these 15 years have exceeded 600,000 manat, and if we add to this the various unforeseen expenses, the amount should be doubled at least," Umudov is convinced.

Ali Karimli pays the families of political prisoners 300 manats a month

Impressing himself and the readers with these figures, Pasha Umudov emphasizes that the children of Ali Karimli in London were drowned in a comfortable life, similar to the paradisiacal worldly existence of oligarchic officials. But he does not disclose the financial source for this holiday of the family life of Ali Karimli.

"I am sure that as soon as Karimli reads my letter, he in a traditional habit of the magician will again come out of the water dry and clean and again twist everyone around his little finger. Or else he will simply pretend that he has not committed anything reprehensible. But I personally want this time to reject Karimli's haughty reservation: "Friends help me, whose names I cannot disclose", which for a long time cannot deceive anyone," writes Pasha Umudov.

The PFPA activist reminds how Karimli tried to convince everyone that a personal driver should work for him free of charge, solely for good intentions. But then he was caught in lies, since, according to the documents, this "voluntary driver" received from the party cash desk a monthly salary of 350 manats.

"Everyone at PFPA has long understood that Karimli only imitates the role of leader, for because of his authoritarianism for twenty years no one manages to remove him from the post of chairman. Anyone who dares to accuse Ali Karimli of machinations and uncleanliness will be immediately expelled from the party, and in social networks and in real life a campaign of threats, blackmail and pressure will unfold against him. But the time has come, and I directly declare: "Karimli, change the text! You have long been exposed for double-dealing," Pasha Umudov calls.

As the PFPA activist predicted, after the publication of this message in the media, supporters of Ali Karimli immediately announced a witch hunt. The army of Internet trolls, paid by Karimli, in every way offend Umudov and even threaten him with reprisals. However, the activist is not going to give up his words.

And Karimli's son hangs out in London bars

The fact that members of the Ali Karimli family lead a luxurious lifestyle abroad has been reported for some time already. Earlier Azeri Daily published photos of the son of opposition leader Turkel Karimli, drinking with friends alcoholic drinks in one of the most expensive bars in London. Ali Karimli then did not justify his son, as he did not disclose the sources of money his son spends on his night life in the British capital.

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