Azerbaijani Politics 13 february — 12:17

MP Rasim Musabeyov announces resignations in government after presidential election (Sensational statement)



'Of course, there is also an internal political aspect in connection with the announcement of the early presidential election in Azerbaijan, but it is not connected with the danger emanating from the opposition. The position of the ruling elite and the first persons in Azerbaijan, as well as in Armenia, for today looks invulnerable. In accordance with the Constitution, the Cabinet of Ministers will resign in full after the election. The government of Azerbaijan awaits both structural and personal changes. After all, it has many elderly people, who have been in office for almost two decades,' a pro-governmental member of the Azerbaijani parliament, Rasim Musabeyov said in an interview with the Armenian edition of Arminfo.

R.Musabeyov also noted the likelihood of the Karabakh settlement's influence on the decision to bring the presidential election forward. The MP believes that mutual compromises after the election in Azerbaijan are very realistic: 'Perhaps the denouement is being sought in more fractional steps with exchanges, when the parties to the conflict do not immediately receive everything, but step by step, making concessions and receiving certain bonuses in return, move forward. For example, immediately with the adoption of a framework agreement, 2-3 district are released at the beginning, along with a peacekeeping operation and the opening of communications by Azerbaijan and Turkey for Armenia. This is not so little if one takes into account that Armenia can get a railway exit through Turkey to Europe and the Middle East, and through Azerbaijan (Nakhchivan) to Iran, as well as to Russia, Central Asia and China. Nagorno-Karabakh can be approved by Baku for aviation communications. Increasing the level of confidence and reducing confrontation will allow us to move on to the next step, during which it is possible to agree on the intermediate status of Nagorno-Karabakh, which allows it to be included in the political dialogue and carry out economic activities with access to foreign markets. In return, it is possible to carry out de-occupation of another 2-3 districts. It is important to ensure a positive dynamics of the settlement process, and in an atmosphere of growing trust, many issues that seem insoluble today can find a mutually acceptable compromise.'

The MP explained the background of the statement of the Azerbaijani presidential aide on foreign policy issues, Novruz Mammadov, about the early election. Earlier, Mammadov said that 'the negative processes taking place in the South Caucasus and neighbouring regions will gradually acquire an acute character and will have an impact on the region where Azerbaijan is located.'

'I believe that the situation in the Middle East (Iraq, Syria) and in Iran, as well as the growing confrontation between Russia and the United States and NATO, are meant. There is a high probability that the processes will develop according to a negative scenario and can reach such a level when it becomes difficult for Azerbaijan to pursue a multi-vector balanced foreign policy, and Armenia to carry out its foreign policy 'complementarity.' We will be forced to take this or that side, and the deviation from this can be accompanied by growing pressure from Moscow, and from Washington and Brussels. There is nothing good for the region in terms of security or development,' said Musabeyov.

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