Azerbaijani Politics 13 february — 14:51

Mikayil Jabbarov: 'More taxes were demanded from entrepreneurs than authorised'



Speaking at the conference 'Taxes, Transparency, Development' in Baku, Minister of Taxes Mikayil Jabbarov told about plans for tax reform and improvement of the tax system.

As our own correspondent reports, the minister also noted a number of negative factors that used to exist in the work of the tax department.

In particular, tax payers sometimes were obliged to pay more taxes than they were entitled to under tax laws. There were cases when taxpayers were divided into 'friends' and 'aliens.'

Jabbarov said that cases of tax evasion both by local and foreign investors were detected.

'We want to make the tax system completely transparent and fair. Partnership relations between tax authorities and taxpayers will serve to even greater tax revenues into the state budget. But these reforms take time,' he said.

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