Azerbaijani Politics 12 march — 16:44

Azerbaijan delivered note to Washington


US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Robert Sekuta has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry of the Republic, where he has received a note of protest sent by the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry to the US Department of State, head of the press-service of the country's diplomatic department, Hikmet Hajiyev has told reporters.

The ambassador's summon was connected with the visit of the self-proclaimed 'president of the NKR' Bako Sahakyan to the US and participation of the latter in the event held in the building of the US Congress.

The note of the Azerbaijani side calls on the US to observe the norms of international law and not to allow activities aimed at infringing the sovereignty of Azerbaijan on its territory.

'This step of the United States seriously damages the negotiation process, serves to increase tensions in the region and damages the continued efforts to ensure peace and security. This kind of step by the US caused a serious blow against it in the eyes of the Azerbaijani people and public opinion. In response to this behaviour of the US, the Republic of Azerbaijan will adequately rely on the principle of reciprocity,' noted Hikmet Hajiyev.

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