Azerbaijani Politics 13 april — 01:19

Ilham Aliyev speaks to people in city park (Photo, Video)


A festive concert was held in front of the Heydar Aliyev Centre on the occasion of Ilham Aliyev's victory in the presidential election. According to the press-service of the head of state, President Ilham Aliyev and members of his family attended the concert.

The head of state addressed the audience with a speech.

'Dear friends, I heartily greet you. I am grateful to you and the entire Azerbaijani people for the support that I received. I always felt the support of the Azerbaijani people and always relied on this support. In my work this support plays an important role. I always tried with dignity and honour to serve the people,' said the head of state.

'Azerbaijani people made their choice. Yesterday, Azerbaijani people voted again for our policy, voted for stability, development and independence.

In fact, independent Azerbaijan has achieved the highest achievements to date. Our international authority is growing day by day. Azerbaijan enjoys the greatest respect in the world arena, the situation in the country is stable. Azerbaijani people live in a peaceful atmosphere. We have all the freedoms, as evidenced by yesterday's election.

The election, which took place in a transparent and fair atmosphere, showed the will of the Azerbaijani people. The support that was given to me during the election gives me even more strength. In the election our people voted for our work, for real results, and also for our future. I am confident that Azerbaijan will continue to develop successfully in the future.

To date, Azerbaijan is known in the world as an island of stability. From the point of view of economic development over the past 15 years, Azerbaijan has no equal in the world. Azerbaijani people made their choice. Our path is independence, and no forces will force us to turn from this path. This is a deliberate choice of the Azerbaijani people. We are an independent country and a great nation. Only a great people could achieve such results.

Our destiny is in our hands. I appeal to the Azerbaijani youth: the future of the country is in your hands. Today's youth will govern Azerbaijan in the future,' said the head of state.

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