Azerbaijani Politics 17 april — 10:25

Ramiz Mehdiyev: 'Many state agencies duplicate each other'


'Governance reforms require a review of the regulations of state bodies and their serious examination. Thus, in the activities of many state bodies of economic direction there are duplicating functions and tasks. Re-preparation of existing regulations can eliminate duplication in the field of economic management. To form the organisational structure of state bodies on the basis of common criteria and principles, it is also expedient to prepare a new model regulation for ministries and committees, agencies and services. Reforms in the governance system cannot be characterised as the abolition or unification of individual state bodies or the creation of new structures. Institutional reforms, first of all, should ensure the strengthening of the regulatory role of state structures and the effectiveness of their activities. This does not mean a deepening of bureaucratic tendencies. On the contrary, the reforms implemented in the governance system should create conditions for the de-bureaucratisation of government bodies, the elimination of state monopoly in the economy,' Head of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, Academician Ramiz Mehdiyev writes in his program article 'Basic directions of the strategy of economic development of President Ilham Aliyev,' reports Azeri Daily with reference to the State News Agency.

According to Academician Mehdiyev, one of the important issues that should be paid attention to during the reorganisation of the public administration system is the correct coordination of governance reforms with the pace of economic reforms: 'That is, the restructuring of the governance system and the formation of a new economic system should complement each other. From this point of view, the improvement of the governance system in our country is synchronised with the course of economic reforms, which, in turn, creates favourable conditions for effective regulation of the economy.'

The head of the presidential administration states: 'A new stage of reforms in the system of public administration is already being implemented. The successful completion of structural reforms depends on the balance of rights and powers of state bodies and their responsibilities, ensuring transparency in the system of governance and de-bureaucratisation in the economy. And this ultimately creates the conditions for building relations between state structures and the business sector on a healthier basis.

Liberalisation of the economy and the formation of new economic relations, changing the correlation between the public and private sectors in themselves do not determine the economic functions of the state. The experience of countries in both Western and Eastern Europe shows that, although economic development in these countries is based on the same principles, the role of the state in the economy is different. This difference comes primarily from the diversity of tasks set by each state for itself, and the methods and means chosen for their implementation.

The reorganisation of the state administration apparatus, based on the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the successes achieved by our country in the field of state construction, is implemented taking into account the principles of the new economic order, today's realities of integrating our independent state into a globalising world, the development trends of the national economy, and finally, the requirements of the emerging economic system.'

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