Azerbaijani Politics 17 april — 12:29

Ramiz Mehdiyev on embezzlement of state funds



'It is necessary to further tighten financial control over enterprises and organisations that use public funds or are in state ownership. It should be noted that such enterprises, unlike private companies, are more prone to waste. To ensure the economical use of public funds, it is necessary to expand the practice of allocating state budget funds for specific programs and projects,' Head of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, Academician Ramiz Mehdiyev writes in his program article 'Basic directions of the strategy of economic development of President Ilham Aliyev,' reports Azeri Daily with reference to the State News Agency.

Ramiz Mehdiyev expresses conviction: 'Greater responsibility in the system of financial control falls on the bodies of tax control. In our time, the tax policy does not only fulfil fiscal functions, but also acts as a stimulating tool for economic development. From this point of view, the activities of tax authorities should support the development of entrepreneurship. The tax service should give preference to professional and conscientious personnel, tax officials should be created a normal mode of work, so that they provide high-level services.

It is necessary to take serious steps to increase respect and trust in the tax system, relations with taxpayers should be based on mutual respect and trust. Accurate management of tax accounting, restoration of the real function of the audit, ensuring the transition from tax collection to their payment should become a new stage in the areas of activity to which the tax authorities should pay special attention.'

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