Azerbaijani Politics 17 april — 13:09

Ramiz Mehdiyev on situation in customs system



'A special place in the financial control system also belongs to the customs authorities that protect the country's economic borders. Although, according to the current legislation, the customs bodies have the status of law enforcement bodies in the system of state executive power, they more fulfil the function of tax and currency control. From this point of view, the State Customs Committee needs to exercise its regulatory and fiscal functions in conjunction with other financial control bodies,' Head of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, Academician Ramiz Mehdiyev writes in his program article 'Basic directions of the strategy of economic development of President Ilham Aliyev,' reports Azeri Daily with reference to the State News Agency.

'Based on the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan 'On Additional Measures Concerning the Continuation of Reforms in the Customs System' of March 4, 2016, serious measures were taken to further expand electronic customs services, to minimise the number of documents and procedures required for customs clearance, creation of the 'Green Corridor' and other access systems for transporting goods and vehicles across the customs border.

Since April 4, 2016, an electronic declaration system has been introduced to further simplify customs procedures, ensure transparency in the provision of customs services and liberalise foreign trade operations,' writes Ramiz Mehdiyev in his article.

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