Azerbaijani Politics 16 may — 17:03

President Ilham Aliyev about counterattack from Nakhchivan


Azerbaijani Army in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is equipped with modern weapons to prevent enemy provocations and counteroffensive, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.

'We pay great attention to ensuring the security of Nakhchivan (bordering on Armenia), strengthening the military potential of the autonomous republic,' Ilham Aliyev said on Wednesday during his visit to the autonomous republic.

According to him, the army of Nakhchivan, as a part of the Azerbaijani Army, is equipped with the most modern weapons and equipment.

'In recent years, we have done a lot to strengthen the Azerbaijani Army; modern military equipment is also being sent to Nakhchivan, taking into account the location of the republic and its terrain. Today, the army in Nakhchivan has the capacity to prevent any provocation of the enemy and to counter-attack. Nakhchivan has long-range weapons and missiles, which can destroy any military target of the enemy,' said the president.

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