Azerbaijani Politics 12 july — 11:30

Ali Hasanov on situation in Ganja


'The sensitive situation that emerged in the city of Ganja requires the society to rally around the state,' Azerbaijani President’s Assistant for Public and Political Affairs Ali Hasanov has written on his Facebook account, informs Azerbaijan State News Agency.

'Answering a BBC correspondent’s question regarding the armed assault on Head of the Ganja City Executive Authority Elmar Valiyev on July 3, I stated, based on preliminary information, that 'it was a criminal act committed against the mayor, there’s been an armed attack, the mayor and his bodyguard have been wounded, the perpetrator has been captured, and law enforcement authorities are taking necessary measures.' It would not be right to give more detailed information without the consent of the relevant authorities with regard to such grave offences. As a state official I just tried to let the public know that the government was in control of the situation,' Ali Hasanov wrote.

'A joint statement issued by the Prosecutor General's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service on July 6 said that the crime was a terrorist attack and committed by the foreign citizen Yunis Safarov, who had taken part in combat operations unauthorised by the Azerbaijani state.'

'It then turned out that the assassin was not driven by a personal issue or revenge and 'social injustice' as claimed by his wife in videos disseminated in local as well as foreign media. Rather it became clear that his act was aimed at establishing a Shariah-ruled state in Azerbaijan for the sake of his 'ideals' for which he had fought in Syria. Yunis is a foreign citizen raised in an affluent family, and he couldn’t have thought of a leftist revolution in Azerbaijan for social justice. As he himself admitted, he had been prepared to carry out the attack for years, waiting for an opportunity to arise. It appears that the accident that occurred in Mingachevir created a good opportunity for him,' Ali Hasanov said.

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