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On the eve of presidents' meeting... 'Azerbaijan itself has decided everything'



The 5th Caspian Summit, which will be held in Kazakhstan's Aktau in a few days time, is expected to witness signing of the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea. At the summit with the participation of the heads of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia and Turkmenistan, it is also planned to consider issues of cooperation in the sphere of economy, transport, bioresources protection and security.

As is known, negotiations on the legal status of the Caspian Sea have been conducted for more than 20 years and the main document should be the final result.

In an interview with, Director of the International Legal Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Arman Isetov said that the prepared document includes a provision regarding the division of the Caspian Sea area, principles of cooperation in the sphere of bioresources, fishery protection, and the conditions for laying pipelines along the seabed.

It is also planned to sign agreements on cooperation in the field of transport, trade and economic relations, in the field of avoiding incidents in the Caspian Sea, as well as protocols to the Caspian security agreement that deal with the fight against organised crime, terrorism and interaction between border agencies of the Caspian states.

Speaking about the importance of the upcoming summit, Milli Majlis deputy Vahid Ahmadov noted that over the years of discussing the legal status of the Caspian, the countries of the region have solved the main economic problems related to the Caspian.

;Azerbaijan already implements large energy projects in its sector of the sea, develops navigation, fisheries, implements environmental programs. On the basis of bilateral agreements, preparations are underway to lay a gas pipeline along the Caspian seabed from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. So, in my opinion, from an economic point of view, the Caspian Convention has lost its relevance. Nevertheless, to some extent, the agreement of the five Caspian countries is important from the political point of view, primarily in terms of ensuring the security of the region. There is an idea to make the Caspian a zone of peace and security. For example, to limit the militarisation of the Caspian Sea and the possibility of a military presence of third countries, which could lead to an escalation of tension in the region. In all other respects, the convention is very late,' the expert expressed his opinion for Azeri Daily.

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