Azerbaijani Politics 13 september — 14:40

Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry on Armenian declaration of war: 'All responsibility falls on Armenia's leadership'



Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Hikmet Hajiyev, commented for Azeri Daily on the information about Armenia's declaration of war on Azerbaijan.

'The war unleashed by Armenia against Azerbaijan has been going on for more than 27 years. The scenario for Armenia declaring war on Azerbaijan as part of its military command and staff exercises Shant-2018 is yet another confirmation and acknowledgment of the obvious fact that Armenia is an invader state and an aggressor. It also demonstrates the archaic and feudal mentality that is inherent in the new military and political leadership of Armenia.

While Azerbaijan is taking constructive steps towards resolving the conflict through substantive negotiations, mediated by the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs, and acting along with other neighbouring states as the author of comprehensive regional cooperation projects serving common prosperity, the new government of Armenia continues the policy of the military dictatorship of the Sargsyan regime, putting the region face to face with new military adventures and threats.

Thus, the international community is witnessing a deepening of the divide that separates the civilised world and Armenia. The refusal of effective international political and diplomatic pressure on Armenia leads to an increase in its claims in conditions of impunity.

We reiterate that responsibility for the disruption of the negotiation process, the build-up of tension and military adventures like 'military games' lies entirely with the leadership of Armenia,' spokesperson for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said in his statement.

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