Azerbaijani Politics 14 september — 18:03

Israeli Defence Minister in Baku for five days. What's happening?



As Azeri Daily already reported, the visit of one of the prominent political figures of Israel, Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman to Azerbaijan is continuing. The Israeli minister in Baku has a very busy schedule. On September 12, having arrived with a one-day visit to Georgia, the very next day the minister left for Baku. Lieberman met and held many hours of negotiations with the President of Azerbaijan, the Minister of Defence and the Minister of Emergencies, the Commander of the Border Guards. The meetings with the head of the foreign policy department of Azerbaijan, the prime minister and the vice-premier are expected.

As sources in the Ministry of Defence of Israel told Azeri Daily, Lieberman's visit to Baku will last until Monday, September 17. Thus, one of the leading politicians of official Jerusalem will stay in Azerbaijan for three more days. Such a tense and long schedule of stay testifies to the strategic character of the talks and the special attention of the Israeli government to the geopolitical processes in the region, and in particular around Azerbaijan.

For Israel, Azerbaijan is one of the most important military and political partners in the world, and Lieberman was repeatedly in Baku in the rank of foreign minister and head of the prime minister's office. However, for the first time, an Israeli politician of this rank, and as defence minister, is in the Azerbaijani capital for five days. Such a curious visit of Lieberman takes place against the background of increased tensions in the region, the onset of a new phase of the Armenian-Azerbaijani confrontation, the expansion of the military-political partnership between Russia and Azerbaijan, and the deepening of the Iranian crisis.

However, the meetings and negotiations of Avigdor Lieberman with the political leadership of Azerbaijan are held behind closed doors. And to comment on the results of this unprecedented in its richness and importance visit is still premature...

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