Azerbaijani Politics 10 october — 13:24

Ilham Aliyev spoke about winemakers' crimes


'Azerbaijan has great winemaking traditions. We are restoring these traditions and at the same time today are attracting the most advanced technologies of the world. It is no coincidence that our exports are growing. Azerbaijan began to open its wine houses,' said President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in his closing speech at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the results of socio-economic development in the first nine months of 2018 and the tasks ahead, informs the Press-Service of the Azerbaijani Presidency.

The head of state said that Azerbaijani wine attracts great interest.

'We have seriously studied all issues related to winemaking. There were a lot of gaps in both production and accounting and applying of excise stamps. It is as if someone specially created these gaps in order to create an opaque situation. I cannot give another explanation. Because there are simple, not requiring great intellectual potential issues that seem to be organised specifically to create confusion and engage in both illegal production and tax evasion. Instead of wine they produced vodka. This issue is being seriously investigated,' said Ilham Aliyev.

The head of state stressed that full transparency should be ensured in this area.

'All conditions have been created for wineries, so long as they work transparently. Let them know that if they again hide products, sell unrecorded goods, they will be seriously punished. There must be complete transparency. This is a very profitable area. Entrepreneurs just have to temper their appetites,' he said.

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