Azerbaijani Politics 5 december — 14:31

Ali Hasanov: State official must speak Azerbaijani


Excellent knowledge of a foreign language is an advantage for every official. But ignorance of the national language and the inability to speak in it is already his or her fault,' Azerbaijani President’s Assistant for Public and Political Affairs Ali Hasanov said while speaking at a conference on the results of monitoring programs held in August-September of this year in the area of compliance with the standards of the literary language of television and radio broadcasters.

He noted that every official should know the national language: 'If an official does not know a foreign language, of course, this is his or her shortcoming, but there is nothing reprehensible in it. Knowledge of a foreign language is an advantage for an official, but ignorance of the native language is reprehensible. This applies also to the intelligentsia, and to our journalists, and to any person who has the status of a citizen of Azerbaijan.'

The representative of the Presidential Administration added that in Azerbaijan, responsibility for preserving the state language rests primarily with officials, who are entrusted with obligations in this area: 'This is an obligation not only of officials participating in government, but also of our academicians represented in academic structures, our scientists, scholars, employees of institutes. Secondly, of course, compliance with the use of the Azerbaijani language in educational institutions and the media should be ensured.'

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