Azerbaijani Politics 12 january — 02:28

Ilham Aliyev calls for investigating 'brandy diplomacy'


'We have repeatedly said that the regime of the criminal junta has dominated in Armenia for twenty years. Unfortunately, some international organisations turn a blind eye to this. Now it is asked how it turns out that international organisations give positive assessments of the presidential and parliamentary elections held in recent years in Armenia with large-scale fraud?' said President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the results of socioeconomic development in 2018 and the upcoming tasks, informs Azerbaijan State News Agency.

According to the head of state, the last parliamentary elections in Armenia showed that a group of people who illegally seized power failed to win five per cent of the vote.

'Everyone acknowledges this. But why did the activity of the criminal regime, which had attributed more than 50 per cent of the votes to itself in previous years, did not become the object of condemnation? Why did the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, other international organisations that rant about democracy, justice, turn a blind eye to this shameful picture? Didn't they know that all elections in Armenia were rigged? Didn't they know that the Armenian people hate the criminal regime? They knew perfectly well, but they closed their eyes. Why? Because of double standards. For what? It is likely that there were other issues related to selfish goals. It is not a secret for anyone that Armenia has activated 'brandy diplomacy” in the international arena and has bribed many politicians. In previous years, the factor of bribes was in the first place in Armenia's foreign policy,' said the president.

The head of state stressed that this issue should be seriously investigated by the relevant international bodies, and 'politicians' who have supported the criminal regime for twenty years, turned a blind eye to its crimes, received orders and medals from it, should be brought to justice.

'Our demand is precisely this. If this does not happen, then nothing changes. If this is not done, then the current ridiculous statements of some international organisations on justice and human rights will remain ridiculous statements. If the international organisations that supported the Sargsyan regime, its actions, and closed their eyes on them, want to wash away their sin, then they must admit that for 20 years they have been in agreement with the criminals, and thus participated in these crimes,' said the head of state.

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