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Ilham Aliyev in Shamakhi: 'I absolutely had to be here, with you'


Being on a visit to the Shamakhi district, President Ilham Aliyev familiarised himself with the buildings affected by the earthquake, informs the press-service of the Azerbaijani head of state. In particular, the president visited the house number 33 on Salman Mumtaz Street, which belongs to Rasim Hasanov. Ilham Aliyev was told that the house was in disrepair due to the earthquake and two of the five rooms were completely destroyed.

Hostess of the house: Welcome, may Allah protect you. Thank you very much, we are very pleased with you.

President Ilham Aliyev: Thank you. Do not worry, a new house will be built.

Resident: Thank you, may Allah send you a long life, health and happiness to you and your family. May Allah bless your only son. How good that you are. We are proud of you.

President Ilham Aliyev: Thank you very much. We will rebuild the houses, rebuild them again, the relevant instructions have been given. The staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations since yesterday are in Shamakhi and work well. All appeals are noted, the inspection of houses is carried out. Where houses are to be restored, they will be restored. Where it is not possible, new houses will be built. The state takes on this work. Of course, I think the restoration of this house is impossible. What help will be provided before building the new house?

Minister of Emergency Situations Kamaladdin Heydarov: Mr President, those, who have opportunities, another place to stay nearby, were settled there, the rest we, together with the executive authority of the district, temporarily accommodate in other places. On your instructions, Mr President, since yesterday, 73 houses have been inspected. For now, it is established that 26 of them are in disrepair, but there are a lot of appeals, 750 requests were received. Ten commissions work in Shamakhi, two in Agsu and two in Ismayilli district. We will increase the number of commissions to complete your order more quickly.

President Ilham Aliyev: This house will soon be rebuilt. Temporarily all necessary assistance should be given, instructions given. That is, you do not worry.

Resident: May Allah help you. Thank you.

Then President Aliyev visited house number 7 on Vidadi Mammadov Street, owned by Maila Guliyeva. The wall of one of the rooms of the house as a result of the earthquake was completely destroyed, and the house came to a disrepair.

Houses in disrepair also include house number 10 on Sattar Bahlulzadeh Street, owned by Vugar Teyfurov. One of the rooms of a single-story house with a porch is completely destroyed. After getting acquainted with the damage caused to the house, President Ilham Aliyev spoke with the residents.

Residents: Welcome, Mr President. You are with us in these difficult days. May Allah grant you health.

Resident Khatira Rahimzadeh: Mr President, once again welcome. We believed that you would come. It was believed very much that the President, who is always close to the people in difficult days, supporting the people, will be close to the people of Shamakhi during this natural disaster. How good that you are. We are always grateful to you for the support and assistance you provide to the people, saying 'Thank you very much!' How nice that you are our President. We are proud of you. We are always with you. Always trust you. We believe that the future of Azerbaijan is in safe hands, and we see it. Today proves it again. Thanks so much for coming.

President Ilham Aliyev: Thank you, thank you. You know that I often go to Shamakhi. Repeatedly been here. Together we participated in good events, at the opening of infrastructure projects, social and agricultural facilities. The development of Shamakhi is always in the spotlight. Naturally, when such events occur, I definitely had to be here, with you, first of all, in order to give you support, and, on the other hand, to get acquainted with the situation. There is destruction, fortunately, there are no dead. I should also note that all emergency houses will be either restored or rebuilt in the short term. The commission works, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations have been here since yesterday, the local executive authority is working. Now they are engaged in the placement of citizens affected by the incident. At the same time, it is planned to restore, rebuild these houses soon. The corresponding order will be signed, funds will be allocated from the Presidential Reserve Fund. Now there are hundreds of appeals. According to the information provided to me, more than 70 complaints have been considered so far and relevant acts have been drawn up. On the basis of these acts, all repair work will be carried out. Let the citizens not worry. The Azerbaijani state is always close to its citizens.

Residents: Thank you very much. And we support you, we are all with you, we hope for you.

Khatira Rahimzadeh: We saw this support. We saw this support from you, Mr President, and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva. Please convey our appreciation to her. She sent volunteers, and this was a very big support. Both the minister and the district leadership were here all night. Thank them very much.

Khanlar Rahimzadeh: Therefore, the population has completely calmed down, Mr President. Representatives of local authorities at night went around all the houses. All were with us. Therefore, there is no concern.

Khatira Rahimzadeh: Thank you for being there. We hope for you. You love the people so much. Thank you for supporting the people. We are grateful for your support. We are proud of you. We are very proud that we have such a caring President serving the people. Azerbaijan is in good hands.

President Ilham Aliyev: Thank you very much. I am also proud of you, because even on such difficult days you are full of optimism and believe that the Azerbaijani state, the Azerbaijani authorities are always yours. So it was at all times, so it will continue. Both volunteers, local executive bodies, and employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations have one goal - to help citizens. I believe that the restoration work should begin soon. Funds will be allocated too.

Minister Kamaladdin Heydarov: Mr President, there are already projects. We have ready projects related both to the earthquake in the Zagatala zone and the flood in the Kura-Araz zone. Therefore, on your instructions, these works will be started urgently.

President Ilham Aliyev: Yes, natural disasters occurr. A few years ago in the Zagatala, Gakh districts an earthquake occurred, thousands of houses were destroyed there. We have eliminated the effects of that earthquake. Several years ago there was a flood, thousands of houses were flooded. And there were taken the necessary measures. All the houses were rebuilt, restored by public funds. Therefore, we will soon eliminate the consequences of this earthquake too. I came to personally tell you this, so that the citizens are completely sure that all the necessary work will be done.

Residents: Thank you very much. We are grateful to you. We wish you health, success in business, Mr President. May Allah bless you.

President Ilham Aliyev: Thank you very much. And I wish you health, success. We will have many more meetings. Indeed, in the Shamakhi district, excellent work will continue.

Khanlar Rahimzadeh: God willing. We trust you. Thanks to your policy, our future will be even better, brighter. Thank you.

President Ilham Aliyev: Thank you.

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