Azerbaijani Politics 15 march — 14:10

Ilham Aliyev sends his administration's staff to the people



On instructions from President Ilham Aliyev, senior officials of the Presidential Administration conduct receptions of citizens in the regions of the country. Reception of citizens has been held in 22 districts of the Republic. And as it became known to Azeri Daily, this process is systemic and continuous.

For example, yesterday, senior officials of the Presidential Administration received citizens in Mingachevir. According to media reports, 75 citizens participated in the reception. Problems of citizens were heard by the staff of the socio-political, legal departments and the department of territorial administration. To address the issues raised, instructions were given on the spot to the appropriate structures.

The appeals of the complainants mainly related to problem loans, employment, housing for disabled veterans of the Karabakh war, as well as the communal sphere.

On the same day, senior officials of the Presidential Administration received citizens in the Yasamal district of Baku. Some of the issues raised at this meeting were resolved on the spot, and instructions were given on the operational investigation of the remaining appeals.

In accordance with the schedule of receiving citizens, yesterday, the staff of the Presidential Administration held meetings with citizens in Aghdam, Aghdash, Bilasuvar, Hajigabul, Kurdamir, Gazakh, Gabala and Guba districts. On March 15, similar meetings will be held in the Binagadi district of Baku, as well as in Yevlakh, Aghstafa, Barda, Jalilabad, Goychay, Khachmahz, Neftchala, Oguz and Ujar districts of the Republic.

It should be noted that in Azerbaijan the practice of holding on-site reception by officials has existed for many years. On the basis of instructions from President Ilham Aliyev, ministers and heads of state committees from time to time received citizens in various areas. Now a new format for handling complaints from citizens is being introduced.

Ilham Aliyev did not become content with only receptions by ministers and chairmen of committees: he began sending to meetings with citizens responsible officials of his administration so that they would establish direct contact with the complainants.

This new format has created an opportunity for senior officials of the Presidential Administration to receive information on topical issues that disturb people directly, study existing problems and solve them locally, if possible. And if not, then promptly report on the situation to the head of the presidential administration and the president himself.

It is known that, until now, sometimes citizens were powerless to get their problems resolved on the ground, and they appealed to the higher authorities, including the Presidential Administration. This bureaucratic red tape process, in which the heads of districts and even ordinary officials were involved, made it difficult for the central authorities to promptly intervene to solve problems in a timely manner.

Now the president, sending employees of his administration on working trips to places where they enter into direct contact with citizens and consider their complaints and appeals, has created a more effective mechanism. This procedure allows to solve a wider range of problems that the population raises. Also, a new activity system allows for on-site analysis of systemic problems.

It is well known that Ilham Aliyev himself often uses the practice of direct communication with citizens. The President visits from time to time the regions, during which he meets with local residents and receives first-hand information about current issues. And on the basis of this hot information, a decision is made on the implementation of the most pressing social, infrastructure and economic projects in these regions. Recently being in Aghsu and Shamakhi, the head of state personally received letters and complaints from local residents. The president assured his voters: every complaint will be considered and all issues raised will find their solution...

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